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In Detail

The place where river met the ocean used to be known as “ ESTUARY / CONFLUENCE “ a single word just can’t be all for it. The Place more precisely the DELTA that witnessed the end of a rich event full journey of the river GANGA from source to confluence couldn’t be engrossed in any single word and is not justified also.

The River Ganges one of the most significant river of our country not only geographically rather attached with us spiritually, historically best to say attached quite inextricably in all forms of our life and it’s completely unsolicited. The Place where such an omnipresent river that plays an important role in MAHABHARATA also loses her existence rather say get united with the BAY OF BENGAL by forming a delta at the confluence after covering the whole north east region via capital.


That prolonged journey had begun from the great Himalayan region carrying lots of experience on the flow that in turns enriched our history moreover us, couldn’t be simply pronounced just in a single word Estuary or confluence may be convergence. No, that should be huge in terms of vastness and holiness. That DELTA formed on the confluence here is none other than GANGASAGAR , the name itself depict the scenario quite well as the river GANGA meet or get united to the SAGAR or OCEAN.
All the above words used to make you feel the depth and importance of the SAGAR ISLAND or GANGASAGAR and want you to carry all the incident in your head otherwise you won’t be able to touch the soul of the GANGASAGAR, else it will get ever more elusive provided that if you would love to…..



It has to be said in Bengali ….
“Sab tirath bar bar, Gangasagar ekbar”
means may we visit other holy places several times – but a visit once to Gangasagar is worth a life-time, keeping it in mind Hindus from all over the world from every state of India reaches the confluence of Ganges at Sagar Sangam situated in southern part of West Bengal in India.
Actually in the early stage it was really tough to access the GANGASAGAR, the river Ganga is the only way to come down, so by default only the BOAT is used as communication instrument and took several days travelling on the river to reach Estuary and again you have get back to the same way from where you have started. The journey was not so easy rather boring and monotonous sometimes became painful also for the average people not for the rich because they have their own luxury boat known as BAJRA and quite well equipped both from inside and outside.





Gangasagar or Sagar Island is an island in the Ganges delta, lying on the continental shelf of Bay of Bengal about 100 kms (54 nautical miles) south of Kolkata. The island is large with an area of 224.3 kms.



Gangasagar is a charming tourist destination, attracts both pilgrims and nature lovers those who mostly love to visit the river confluence. Located on an island in the Sundarbans, Gangasagar has a kilometres long horizon kissing beach on the estuary of the river Ganges with a picturesque lighthouse at the corner.
“Walk in the cloud “you have heard the phrase quite often but have you ever felt it in your life before …? When the wind blown away the loosely bound silvery white sand above your feet on the hard surface over the sandy beach at the late afternoon, the above phrase will come alive incidentally. I have passed through it but couldn’t able to capture it, all that happens suddenly, I was so thrilled, forgot to capture the moment. If you are lucky enough …could experience that too. The profound and quiet sea, full of young & restless small playful waves hits the sand uninterruptedly, clear blue sky on top makes the beach magical sometimes turns it to paradise for the visitors who would love to spend their weekend in peace & tranquillity.


Gangasagar is still relatively unknown and thus little bit unexploited. Gangasagar is one of most popular Hindu pilgrimage places in the country. Each year on Makar Sankranti usually falls on middle of the January, large number of devotees from all over the nation, congregate at Gangasagar for a sacred dip at the convergence of the river Ganga and the Bay of Bengal. After the sacred dip, the pilgrims offer ‘Puja’ at the Kapil Muni Temple or Ashram. The name Gangasagar used to found very often in several Hindu myths.
The original site of the temple has been washed away by the sea. But an attractive new temple has replaced the previous temple. There are the emblems of the Sea, Ganga Devi and Bhagiratha besides that of Kapil Muni and block of stone which is anointed and worshipped.



About Naga Sadhus and Sanyasis
Among thousands of pilgrims who attend Gangasagar Mela are the Naga Sadhus. They live in camps, where they perform rituals. These rituals are attended by many devotees. If you are interested about them please do visit the SAGAR MELA. Those Nagas used to be seen in a large quantity at the KUMBHA MELA again.



About the Gangasagar Mela:


Gangasagar Fair is the second biggest congregation of Hindu pilgrims after the KUMBHA Mela. The Gangasagar Mela is observed annually and only on Sagardwip (Sagar Island). Every year during Makar Sankranti pilgrims from all over the country come to take a holy dip at the confluence of the river Ganges and Bay of Bengal, followed by offering prayers at the Kapil Muni Temple. This temple is immersed in legendary tales and is highly revered among devotees.


By Air:
Nearest airport to Gangasagar is the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport located in Kolkata and It is well linked with several cities.


By Train:
Trains run on the Sealdah South lines from Kolkata to NAMKHANA via KAKDWIP ( 2 &1/2 hours ).From NAMKHANA STATION have to reach the FERRY GHAT on AUTO. There is a ferry across the Muriganga distributary (Channel Creek) to Sagar Island (Gangasagar) took 1 hour almost to reach BENABON stop from here 15 to 20 minutes maximum on Erickshaw (TOTO ) or you can avail AUTO to reach SAGAR ISLAND or GANGASAGAR.


By Road:
Buses use to ply on regular interval from the ESPLANED BUS TERMINUS at KOLKATA for NAMKHANA or else You can drop down at KAKDWIP on the same Bus before NAMKHANA ,then have to come down to FERRY GHAT named LOT EIGHT on the other side KACHUBERIA is there ,took a bus or can have private vehicle on hire to reach GANGASAGAR . It took one hour almost and the distance is 35 to 40 kilometre.




In between the way to SAGARDWIP form KACHUBERIA.
Bakkhali is a pristine virgin beach that is known as a charming tourist destination with zero commercialization. The white sandy beaches of Bakkhali surrounded by Casuarina trees give a heavenly experience that cannot be forgotten.




Any time throughout the year, just avoid APRIL to AUGUST or SEPTEMBER. Most of the Pilgrims & devotees used to visit as a day trip from Kolkata. Car used to be parked at LOT EIGHT Parking area at KAKDWIP cross the creek on FERRY service for the KACHUBERIA. Hired a car as to and fro for GANGASAGAR that’s all. Love to have chaos and feel the ambiance of MELA then must visit during JANUART middle probably 14th JANUARY, the ISLAND used to get crowded by sadhus and monk from the December last onwards else simply skip the JANUARY.




Lots of guest house is there mostly owned by the several department of Government like IRREGATION, BLOCK OFFICE, PHE Department not for the general people. BASTRA BABSAYEE SAMITI Guest House is there near BUS STAND allowed for general people rated average.
LARICA GOVERNMENT TOURIST LODGE is there for general people on rent, Tariff range INR 1200 to INR 1800. AC & NON AC Double Bed & Four Bed room with attach washroom available on prior booking. IF you ask me about the ambiance then will be rated as average having KAPIL MUNI TEMPLE in it’s vicinity. Solo Double Bed Cottage will be available soon.
BUT I prefer to stay at the WOODHOUSE BUNGALOW on the beach quite secluded and safe tariff INR 2500/night usually for twin sharing maximum one more person can be allowed. The Photographs is there on my site. Caretaker will be there for you. Food is average.




As a weekend visit for one night is extremely good provided that if you would prefer to stay secluded on the beach. I think it will be memorable as a sweet Romantic Escape for you if visited in couple.
Form my end visited thrice ,never felt bore, always want to be back here ,carrying a wish deep inside that next visit must fall under Silver Moon night and always prefer to come down via ferry service to BENABON from NAMKHANA harbour.

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