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In Detail

Existence of Maromar certainly  known by it’s age old Tree House named KUSUM BARI or KUSUM TREE HOUSE  used to stand in the Maromar Forest Rest  House campus since 1945 approximately where as the Bungalow fabricated in the year of 1939 or may be 1933  stamped on the wall , located just 55 to 60 km  away from BETLA NATIONAL PARK marked as BUFFER AREA , near by Police station and small market area is GARU. 

The place was immensely lonely then and it hasn’t been changed still now except the new tree house and the boundary wall border.I haven’t seen KUSUM BARI but got the information and the original picture from a blog of ZEHRA KAZMI on Maromar and really thank full to her.


The most important thing  about the old Tree House was that the whole Tree House had been topped on an age old full fledged KUSUM tree as freezed on the photograph by ZEHRA KAZMI and it’s stem was wrapped up by the four concrete pillar for load sharing as same as the technically correct Tree house used to built up earlier by the Forest Dept , usually wood had been used thoroughly except Washroom fittings.


The  original KUSUM TREE HOUSE  burnt down during the NAXALITES movement of JHARKHAND on 2007. That’s all about the history of KUSUM BARI or KUSUM TREE HOUSE at MAROMAR .


Miss Kazmi used the adjective  DESOLATE  in conjunction with LONELY about the MAROMAR ambiance along with the old KUSUM TREE HOUSE.I haven’t been stayed and seen the old KUSUM Tree House but never ever felt MOROMAR as DESOLATE  on my fourth last visit on NOVEMBER 2019 since 2015, though the full wooden Tree house has been replaced my the concrete one now and only the inner portion decorated by the wood except the attached washroom.Usually wooden decorated room often looks gloomy and shabby if the lighting hasn’t  been done properly and that I experienced at  BETLA  OLD TREE HOUSE.


To me MAROMAR  is more profound , intense, has a good depth . MAROMAR has it’s own separate chord on which it got tuned already, you have to pull the right one to feel the charm of MAROMAR and got yourself tuned by the ambiance of the place else MAROMAR will be ever more elusive.Tree House , Room inside , vicinity , above all the ambiance makes MAROMAR a picturesque spot and you felt deep in your heart that almighty has sketched down just perfect as a whole for the jungle lover’s.


Now the BUNGALOW is still there carries it past significantly and the KUSUM TREE HOUSE has been replaced by the new one with the time , solar power used  to make you warm what you will be seeing here both on live and still form at the Gallery section of MAROMAR.


There are Two Tree House each one having two double bed room with attached western style washroom shared a wide common stretched balcony in front.


Location wise the second one is much more thrilling because by any chance if you fallen down from the side balcony stretched on the jungle side, you will surely found yourself  lying down directly in the jungle itself outside the boundary wall.

The wild Elephant can easily pick you up from the open balcony at the back or can have a toast of whisky with the elephant if you would love to.



Do’s & Don’ts of MAROMAR :



##First carry your ration or raw materials for cooking , care taker will prepare the food.

## MUST carry the proper ID card of all.

## You have to arrange the driver accommodation & Food , will be managed by the caretaker itself.

##Carry the medicine  as required.

## Better to visit MAROMAR by  local car and with a local guide.The place is so deserted if anything happens then the driver and the  car will be very help full indeed.

## Better not be here with the old ones and the new born . If they are with you ,don’t stay here  overnight.




## SUGABANDH the picture itself will  depict the beauty of that place so well and please never forget to carry a towel & shorts to get wet here if you wish to . The name of the river is BURAH that flowing down from LODH FALLS till here.

The entry of the  River BURAH at the JHARKHAND  from CHATTISGARH  is mindblowing , incidentally the LODH FALLS . Later it  get inside the jungle and flows down through the BAGE CHAMPA  village inside the KOJRUM BUFFER AREA , you can visit here too on JUNGLE SAFARI but always venture with the LOCAL guide.


## MIRCHYA FALLS  boldly shows his presence during the rain and continued to be seen as Full Falls format till two to three months after rain.


## you may like the jungle Safari at KOJRUM  though the place known as buffer area of Palamu Forest Range.


##The simplicity of the river KOEL will mesmerize you to the most . The spot is simply picture perfect and carries the natural beauty of  the CHOTONAGPUR  plateau so well , if i will be little more elaborate it should be perfect to say that the RIVER KOEL flows down so gently , you will never heard a sound of it unless you dabbled and standing on the bridge at the late november afternoon makes you enthralled to the fact that your presence complete the KOEL CANVAS , just like the dark spot of the  MOON and again  remind you, don’t forget the CAMERA & TOWEL.


## BETLA is just 65 km away from you.


##If you would like to feel abundant then please be there at ANKSHI FOREST BUNGALOW. Atleast can have a cup of Tea or may finish you breakfast over here and you will be delighted i think.


##BARESWAR  BUNGALOW is well decorated and quite safe also but not like the MAROMAR & ANKSHI  as per as me.


##LODH Falls is just 50 km away.



BY ROAD  Maromar is well connected to DALTANGANJ via BETLA else can come down from NETARHAT  getting down at  RANCHI drop at LODH FALLS on the way in between NETARHAT and MAROMAR. Private Vehicle is your only option either owned or hired.




Avoid Rain  & Sun , rest are all good  and usually it remain closed from JULY TO SEPTEMBER as per as the National Park Rules. Best be here in between  November to March. DECEMBER  middle to mid JANUARY is really chilly and remains foggy sometimes.FEBRUARY , MARCH is the best as per as me.



if you love the picture and get aroused by the adrenaline rush ..then you will surely drop at MAROMAR once..

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