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In Detail

GARPNACHKOT is a “ fine blend of History & Luxurious stay just under the foot hills of PANCHET.”




GARPANCHKOT will never be known completely without the rich past under the SINGH DEO dynasty. In Bengali “ GAR “ means FORT AND THE FORTS are generally used by the EMPERORS & KINGS in Bengali or Hindi RAJA’S & MAHARAJA’S , the obvious questions popped up automatically if you are inquisitive about the past or in history ….
# when did the PANCHKOT KINGDOM established? and How ?
# who were the kings of PANCHKOT , the names , How were they as a ruler of Panchkot?
# Are they native or came from somewhere else if yes then where did they came from?
# Till How long GARPANCHKOT was able to hold their Sovereignty under the period of different most powerful and aggressive rulers of the Indian history such as LODHI’S , SER SHAH and MUGHAL’S till BRITISH Period ( From East India company to Queen Victoria )… ?
# How Long did the PANCHKOT KINGDOM last…? From which dynasty they belongs to?
# Any of those King is still alive or not….?
My Dear Friend, all the answers are there in the stories of past means History….

The First throne King and the Founder of the PANCHKOT KINGDOM was DAMODAR SEKHER SINGH DEO (SINGHA DEB) son of the great MAHARANA JAGAT DEO SINGH of RAJPUTNA ( RAJASTHAN) belongs to the PARAMAR DYNASTY of Rajasthan . Normally the great Rajput MONARCHY are mainly divided into four main dynasty.
# Padmar(Paramar) # Chouhan(Chopahany) # Solanki (Sulka) # Parihar
If you pull the string of PARAMAR dynasty , the first king was The Great Kesari Paramar lived at AMBABATY PALACE at ABANTI (presently UJJAYAN)and other most notable ancestors of that dynasty’s were GANDHARBA SEN then comes the most famous king of the Indian history MAHARAJA BICHRAMADITTYA the great , MANJISH SINGH ,UDAYACHAL SINGH , JAGAT SINGH , SANTO SINGH , HUNKAR SINGH , UDYADITTYA SINGH ( built the famous MANDU FORT at DHARA city of Rajasthan). JAGAT DEO SINGH the father of DAMODAR SEKHER SIGNH DEO the founder of PANCHKOT KINGDOM.
A small story about the first throne king of PANCHOKOT .….
The king JAGAT SINGH DEO once decided to visit SRI KHETRA presently PURI in order to pay homage to the god JAGANNATH , the queen BIRMOTI wanted to visit PURI too but then she was newly pregnant. Puri was far away from RAJPUTANA , have to spent several months on the road. There was no car available at that time, Palki (Palanquin) was the only convenience for the royal females like queens and princess. The road mostly covered with forest and hills. During that period visiting PURI from Rajasthan was the most arduous task for a common man even that implies for the royals also. On the flip side the queen BIRMOTI became utterly desperate to visit PURI accompanied with her husband in order to pay homage to SRI JAGANNATH DEV together. Due to her pregnancy if the king wouldn’t allow her to be with him, hence she decided to hide her pregnancy to the king, anyhow she managed it also and out for PURI with the King. On the way to PURI Jagat Deo Singh sited a charming place nearby JHALDA ( presently under PURULIA district) surrounded by the several small hills and forest, decided to take rest for few days and ordered to pitch the tents under the hill. In Between, the queen became heavily pregnant and gave birth of a HE child here. The new born remain quiet for long period of time after taken birth so the royal maid thought the new born was dead by birth and the same passes to the king, they left him on the nearby jungle. The King became sad left the place early, continue his journey towards Puri.
But new born wasn’t dead, anyway he survived and rescued by the local tribal. The newly born sweet little unfortunate prince handed over to the headman of their clans. Earlier PANCHOKOT used to be ruled by SEVEN local tribal heads known as Sardar, residents were mostly tribal the terrain was largely covered by the small hills and dense forest. They were very happy having the new born in their clan and treated him as their own son. One more thing plunge them into addiction to the new born due to the lack of descendent of HE CHILD in their own blood line among the entire seven clan heads. Later when they came to know about his true royal origin makes them happiest ever and accepted the little prince whole heartedly and solemnly. Gradually that little boy established the PANCHKOT KINGDOM with the time acquiring the nearby disturbed provinces of JHALDA by his own strength and with the help of the fatherly Local heads of seven clan. Became the first sovereign King of PANCHKOT and throne in the name of DAMODAR SHEKHAR SINGH DEO, get married to the princes of MANBHUM. The middle name SHIKHAR was inherited from the name of the highest peak of PANCHET range named SHEKHAR and title SINGH DEO (SINGHA DEV) inherited from his original ancestors of Rajasthan ( Jagat Singh Deo ).
In the history of Indian monarchy new chapter added, the PANCHKOT kingdom ruled by the SINGH DEO dynasty on the Chotonagpur Platue during ( Date ?). He was in throne around sixty one year approximately.
The PANCHKOT remains under the realm of Singh Deo Dynasty till 1954 until the monarchism abolished by the Indian Government. In that long period till 1954 PANCHKOT used to be ruled by the sixty seven SINGH DEO King almost till the last one BHUNESWARI PRASAD SINGH DEV (DEO).
After the Damodar sekher Singh Deo , Indrasekhar , Mukundashekhar , Ramchandrasekhar , Purusatyamsekhar, Bhagabatsekhar , Anirudhasekhar are the very few to name with as king of Panchkot. Among them the most renown and notable kings were INDRASEKHAR , KIRTINATH SEKHAR( built the Main Fort at PANCHKOT around 992),KALYAN SEKHAR SINGH DEO(( 1291 – 1316) built the KALYANESWARI Temple at CHALLADAHA presently nearby BARAKAR and establishes the goddess SHAYAMRUPA here. Originally the SHAYAMRUPA Idol was the family goddess of the great SEN DYNASTY of Bengal utterly believed the family fortune was the blessings of this deity only. The king Kalyan Sekhar Singh Deo got her as a gift by getting married to the princess SADHNA, the beloved daughter of the king BALLAL SEN and the sister of LAXMAN SEN.)
PANCHKOT Kingdom has seen lot of changes in the Indian history but that doesn’t leave any direct effect to them anyhow they were able to keep their sovereignty intact. On 1026 The Furious Emperor SULTAN MAMUD plundered SOMNATH TEMPLE and ravaged it, during that period PANCHKOT was under the jurisdiction of the king GAJRAJ SEKHAR SINGH DEO. Again Under the realm of the king HARISHCHANDRA SEKHAR the most notorious and rapacious plunderer of the history ever MOHAMMAD GHORI invaded India and in the realm of The King HIRALAL SEKHAR the first Mughal Emperor BABAR invaded India by conquering IBRAHA LODHI and established the Mughal Empire at Delhi around 1526.
At last under the realm of BALABHADRA SEKHAR the PANCHKOT has been lost his sovereignty and became a tributary state under MUGHAL EMPIRE.
Again under the realm of SATRUGNA SEKHAR around 1722 PANCHKOT added as a part of Undivided Bengal and declared as tributary state under the realm of the NAWAB ALIBARDI KHAN and imposed the tax amount as Rs19526 per year. Faced the BARGI attack of BHASHAR PANDIT on the same period. It has to be heard that under the same period The famous MALLAR King of BISHNUPUR GOPAL SINGHA ( BIRHAMBIR ) captured the half portion of PANCHKOT state and later at 1707 East India Company became the landlord of 24 PARGANAS at Kolkata, the first step of BRITISH Empire.
Finally around 1815 Bengal comes under the jurisdiction of East India Company so as PANCHKOT, under the realm of King BHARAT SEKHAR SINGH DEO (1792 – 1815).
Till now we have heard the story of the King (His Story) the male dominance at the PANCHKOT monarchy, the rulers were all male. But for certain period of time since 1826 to November 1848 PANCHKOT Kingdom also ruled by a Queen. She was the princess of KEONJHAR Estate became the queen of PANCHKOT after getting married to MAHARAJA JAGJIBAN SINGH of PANCHKOT. She was exceptionally genius at monarchism and generous also, within a few years of marriage she was able made her mark at PANCHKOT monarchy on both at inside and outside. She ruled PANCHKOT graciously under the realm of East India Company. Under her period the capital of PANCHKOT has been shifted to KASHIPUR nearby GARPANCHKOT around 1839.Due to some internal problem with her only beloved son NILMONY SINGH DEO, she was shattered utterly broken down by the unexpected behaviour from her very own son, left the palace and thorn forever. Later NILMONY SINGH DEO came to the throne around 1851 after the demises of his father king JAGJIBAN SINGH DEO.
At 1857 India came under the direct jurisdiction of The British Empire under the almighty Queen Victoria from the East India Company.
As a king NILMONY SIGH DEO was generous, proficient, cultured and was versed in music. The Famous Poet MICHEL MADUSUDHAN DUTTA was there on his time, appointed as Estate manager of KHASHIPUR. On his realm GARPANCHKOT Estate used to earn a revenue of 2 lakhs 31 thousand per year. He declared a Scholarship as “PANCHKOT SANSKRIT SCHOLARSHIP“ of Rupees Two Thousand in Sanskrit language at CALCUTTA UNIVERSITY. Passed away on 1898, JHOTYPASAD SINGH DEO became the next king of PANCHKOT presently KASHIPUR Estate and was the last renown king of PANCHKOT. On his period the periphery of PANCHKOT was 2779 square miles and MUNBHUM, BURDWAN, BANKURA, RANCHI was under the jurisdiction of PANCHKOT and came to the fame after buying the DALIJORA Estate of KATAK , periphery of 21 square miles, entitled as KING at 1912. Got married to the sister of the King SRI RAMCHANDRA of MAYURBHANG Estate.
BHUBANESWARI PRASAD SINGH DEO is the present king. That was somehow the king’s and Queen story of PANCHKOT MONARCHY.
Now just the ruins are there only the PANCHRATNA TEMPLE stands as flag holder of PANCHKOT KINGDOM.
If you are looking through the specs of history then you might be fallen love with the place and surely try to connect the ruins with their past to make history live in you. Apart from that the scenic beauty is good enough to visit Garpanchkot.

# All the accommodations is really good at GARPANCHKOT and eligible for spending quality time over here SOLO or TOGETHER.
# The sunset at PANCHET DAM and BARANTI is mesmerizing.

Sometime most ordinary thing became so extraordinary that silently and smoothly crosses your imagination limit if you have the eyes and time to feel.
# Must visit the JOYCHANDI HILL should climb to the top, view from the top is just awesome. The JOYCHANDI RAILWAY STATION building is good to visit also even can locate from the top also.
# can drive down to Mythan Dam and Kalyaneswari Temle.



By Train the nearest railhead is KUMARDUBI , took almost forty five minute to reach GARPANCHKOT by car even you can come down from ASANSOL also , will take one hour approximately.
By Car five to six hour drive from Kolkata via DURGAPUR EXPRESS way. Distance is about .. KM.


( allowed to be entered for 4 days only during DURGA PUJA ).




Can be visited anytime but better to avoid the SUMMER, used to be terribly hot at day time and even not good for site seeing. Best is the pre winter, winter, spring and also at monsoon.




All the available accommodation are good but bit expensive, within that the FOREST DEPT ACCOMMODATION is slightly cheaper. We used to accommodate our known Hotels or Resort quite luxurious enough for one to 2 nights staying…. with a small swimming pool inside and Bar facilities, served good palatable food just under the PANCHKOT HILL.




If you are looking for a good weekend destination to visit with your family or along with your nearest one and a driving distance of 6 hours approximately in addition with a luxurious  staying facilities  with a small Pool inside  in a budget of INR 3000  to 5000 can blindly choose GARPANCHKOT.

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