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lonely beach … best to watch over the terrace under the morning sun or on the soft moon light soothes your eyes a lot and touches your soul so elaborately that helps you to felt the vastness of the sea as it captured by your eyes that reflects to your brain sensor and mind felt that perfectly as it is. Gazing the violent sea obviously from the hotel terrace at one fine wet afternoon at rain is amazing ..the huge foamy monster waves thrashes down so closely , sometimes you might felt that the next one could have drift you to the sea… above all rendezvous at the terrace any time with the sea or with all is the best part of this place that you would love to …..




Located moreover centrally on the 4 kilometre long overall straight motor able beach road connected TAJPUR and SHANKARPUR very well. SHANKARPUR is nearer to CHANDPUR than the TAJPUR , approximately a kilometre only on the left of CHANDPUR. You will enjoy walking down the road in twilight else can took the golden brown wet and soft sandy coastal way in between the log fencing and the sea , lots of snail scattered all around often looks like painted canvas eventually gets uncovered at the dusk better to say the way made by the nature itself for us . As usual just took your slippers out and hold it in your one hand and start walking on naked feet towards SHANKARPUR to catch the setting sun at the corner of SHANKARPUR beach, will be more memorable provided that if you have a hand to hold on. The experience of walking down the CHANDPUR beach on twilight will surely be a memorable event in your life that you won’t forget ever, though it is a very normal to the most of the sea side destinations. But in the case of CHANDPUR it may be a bit different from others I think……
Lot of goodness has already put on as colourful feathers on the CHANDPUR hat.

One thing will disappoint you to the most about CHANDPUR is it’s simply not good at all for bathing.
Now from the memory of the past …. Previously CHANDPUR was under LENGUA district later on it got divided one of the portion was given the name as CONTAI afterwards. The legendary writer of Bengal BANKIM CHANDRA CHATTOPADHYAY was in charge of LENGUA district as Sub divisional officer. There was a inspection Bungalow located on the Chandpur beach and Mr Chattopadhyay used to drop here frequently by the horse. Now that Bungalow has been engulf by the sea with the time. What I have heard from one of the local literate person , a retired school teacher that bungalow was located just 2 km inside the sea from the present Hotel location where we used to accommodate you at CHANDPUR.




For me best part is the evening at SHANKARPUR beach. Recently it has been developed well by the government, lot of beautification has been done here and you will like it.
TAJUR just a few km away, if you love the crowed then visit DIGHA & MANDARMANI.




DISTANCE from KOLKATA 160 to 170 km by road. Just 13 to 14 kilometre before DIGHA.
By CAR :
CHANDPUR is very well connected by the road just via TAJPUR BALISAI MORE if you are driving down from KOLKATA and if located or get down at DIGHA then via SHANKARPUR.
If you would like to avail BUS then Get Down at BALISHAI took a TOTO it will drop you to Hotel by 20 minutes and will be delighted when took the road by the sea …the last 2 kilometre. Can also come down from RAMNAGAR BUS STOP via Trekker service .From KOLKATA , BALISAI comes first RAMNAGAR is just 4 kilometre ahead of it.
RAMNAGAR is the nearest railhead else DIGHA. Trekker service is available from RAMNAGAR BUS stand on a regular interval, hardly took 20 minutes to reach the CHANDPUR HOTEL.
KOLKATA airport is your only choice, rest 170 km roadways have to cover by the hired vehicle.




Anytime around the year. Normally sea side used to be humid throughout year so best is in winter and if somebody like the rain then JULY, AUGUST is yours else month wise SEPTEMBER TO MARCH.




There are very few Hotels at CHANDPUR. We will accommodate you the best among them. Our sort movie clipping in the site describes that nicely. The Hotel are descent and serves good food. First and Foremost you and your family will be in safe hands.




If you looking for Isolated sea beach somewhat virgin and don’t have any fascination of sea bathing then CHANDPUR is your right choice. Good Bengali food serving clubbed with descent AC and NON AC room in a close circuit rectangle shape hotel, lush green lawn located centrally will never disappoint you. Somehow I feel if it clicked then you would love to visit here as a regular basis for your weekend trip on sea.

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IFSC / RTGS : UTIB0000021

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I visited this property during Durga Puja 2020 and the property was well maintained and rooms were being properly sanitised by the hotel authority. Location wise it’s really amazing and less crowded. This reference from Mr Rajesh is truly commendable.

Raunak R


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