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AJODHYA Hills basically an extension of DALMA range located on the PURULIA, the western most District of WEST BENGAL at CHOTONAGPUR plateau, an undulating picturesque land full of hillocks and Scattered Forest based on the Red Soil enhance the beauty as a whole.

Actually after reaching at the top you will have a plateau type flat land never feels like you are atop the hill.
Ajodhya can be reached by two ways one from BAGHMUNDI nearby railheads JHALDA or from SHIRAKABANDH. SHIRKABANDH is very famous for its SUGER CANE very few people is aware of that fact , actually due to the local climate backup and it is naturally perfect for the sugarcane cultivation. One more thing if you took this way the hillocks started to be seen just after crossing the SHIRKABANDH and the ups are about to be start after a few kilometres ahead, probably this place has got the best view of Ajodhya. A single isolated bench on the left side of the first sharp bent put the mark of it.
On the way after crossing the SHIRKABANDH you have to cross the ARSHA FOREST REST HOUSE looks abundant on the bank of a lovely thin river BANDU often flows quietly and it’s quite rocky too.




# On the Top you have the Big Dam divided in two section UPPER DAM & LOWER DAM and in between the there is a free zone at September & October that portion fully covered by the white kash (Saccharum spontaneum ) grass looks pretty amazing, be here once on this point of time if possible. An in the evening at the upper dam parking portion is simply awesome, can remembered as An Evening at Ajodhya.


# Via lower dam you can reach to BAGHMUNDI there is a good temple located just on the foot hills, there you will have a glimpse of peacocks moving too & fro on the temple premises along with the visitors and devotees.


# After crossing the Temple if reached to the main road at BAGHMUNDI, driving left took you to the MATHABURU & GORGABURU in between you will have the SONKUPI BANZARA camp if you want can visit the site in future if you would like to stay at tent inside the Jungle can come down here the location is great. Normally MATHABURU is used by the ROCK CLIMBERS club mostly for training. There is a good Bungalow inside the MATHABURU FOREST BIT office campus.


# Then the GORUGABURU  the highest peak of AJODHYA.. location is simply mind blowing though there is a basic accommodation( Mud House )to stay along with the basic tent facilities, if you like that can stay here also.


# From BAGHMUNDI you have turned left previously but if you have turned right towards JHALDA first on the way you have to cross CHURIDA village very well known for its mask used in CHOU dance extensively. The Entire village used to make the mask of CHOU  for their living and also makes the Clay Idol of different God and Goddess mostly. Now you should know about the CHOU a little bit at least.


About Chou Dance…….
The culture in Purulia concentrates on the traditional folk dance ‘Chou’. Popular among Santhals, Kumars, Mahatos, Kalindis and Sahish communities are the rare masked dancers of chou represents the essentially local culture. The use of beautiful masks and the exclusive style of dance, make-up and colourful costumes have made this dance popular all over the world. Many consider this form to be a kind of martial art because of the physical strength and agility involved in dancing. The Chou dance is an inseparable part of the rituals and the festivities of Purulia. Earlier the productions were primarily based on mythological stories from the Ramayana, the Puranas etc but presently contemporary issues like Santhal revolt, Kargil war etc are used as themes for the shows.
Can buy mask from the shop stands on road itself..
Just a humble endeavour of me to make you bit more knowledgeable about the PURULIA’s culture that’s why you should know about JHUMUR also, it may infuse some interest about PURULIA. Perhaps you may start to like the place ……


About Jhumur Dance…
Jhumur songs and dance are popular among artisan communities like Kurmi, Kumhaar, Rajwar, Ghatoal, Hari, Muchi, Dom etc and tribal’s like Santhal, Munda, Oraon, Kharia, Birharh tribes. Jhumur is known for its lyrical and literary significance because of the use of ancient language. Different Jhumur songs are sung at different times of the year, as for example Chaitali is sung in the month of Chiatra (spring), Bhaduria is sung in the month of Bhadra. Jhumur songs are very popular even today.



### The Nest Stop will be KHAIRABERA dam, just took right From BURDA More. Natural Earth Dam the Location is awesome, I have seen cloud stuck on the hills at KHAIRABERA dam at monsoon. There is an accommodation for staying at the foot hills and on the bank of the reservoir but quite costly, have to spent INR 4000 to 8000 around with food.. you can have very lavish AC family tent over here, can say the best at PURULIA.


##Another good looking dam is MURGUMA, will not say anything about that just be here if you love the photos at my site and one more thing is accommodation is also available here with a moderate price and located just nearby the dam.



### Must visit DEULGAHATA on the bank of river KANSAI ( KANGSABOTI ) if you have an interest on DEUL Architecture but one thing I should say at the setting sun standing on the bridge of KANSAI or on the Rocks at river bed watching DEULs ..the total ambiance makes spell bound. Lazy Winter afternoon is good to be here too.


Apart from that you have BAMNI falls, PAKHI Pahar …


Avoid summer and rain. Mostly Ajodhya gets crowded at spring for Blooming Palash means March apart from that October to February.





By Train
From PURULIA station can avail bus also from Bus Terminus else hire a private vehicle. Can came down from JHALDA also but from here KHAIRA BERA & MURUGUMA is closer than AJODHYA.

By Bus:
You have to reach PURULIA Bus Terminus first. Regular bus used to ply from several parts of the west Bengal, if you think about KOLKATA then from ESPLANADE you will have regular Buses, can avail Night service Buses too, will drop you at the first morning.
The last option travel by your own vehicle, from Capital it’s a six to seven hours journey approximately.

By Air:




Tourism Department is available on top MALABIKA, NIHARIKA
Private Players are also available with good AC & NON AC rooms.



Hillock, scenically beautiful Dam atop the hill, scattered forest and Blooming Palash (Butea monosperma) all around the sparkling colourful Spring…..smell of Mahua on blowing wind makes you mad…..

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