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Netarhat- “ Queen of Chotanagpur ”, a small hill station.

About Netarhat :


Netarhat is nestled on Chhotanagpur plateau, is a popular hill station. It is a plateau located at a height of 1,071 metres (3,514 ft) and covered with thick forest, is also referred to as the “Queen of Chotanagpur”. This place has its own peculiar charm, calmness of the small hills with the jungle and the river Koel flowing beneath relaxes you away from the mundane city life. The painted canvas sketched by you on your childhood days comes alive at Netarhat.  Enjoy the breath taking Sunrise and Sunset.

Major things to do at Netarhat :

Almost Nothing more to do here ,   But on the Flip side 

First  to Rest moreover to heal yourself , Second to be drift away from the crowed  , feel  the silence  of the  pine forest , Third to Pamper your heart  with lots of  Oxygen as much as you can . …  the nature will force you to walk more and you will really enjoy the walk thoroughly ….. to rediscover you … to listen to your own unspoken word almost lost in the deep inside your heart  , what you have always ignored …… walking down the whispering pine wood with the gently tied hands might help you  to know your Partner well  again, has been left unknown  more precisely forgotten  on  your  hectic monotonous  daily life ..even on the bed had slept every night ..   the simplicity  and the silence of that place  helps you to open yourself to you with an ease   and even to one you loved very much but anyway couldn’t able to reveal it  , because  netarhat  is very ordinary , simple & straight  , nothing much to do here …. you will never have the fear of getting tired by the hectic schedule of site seeing …. like Shimla , Darjeeling……..

If you ever dreamt about a picturesque green silent landscape with the snaky roads across the thick pine  wood forest on  a moderate height above the hills  … is the Netarhat…. river Koel is just at foot hills  … have to cross near BANARI.

Places to be seen in  and around the  netarhat ….

• Netarhat is famous for its glorious sunrise and sunset . Magnolia Point  is  basically meant for the sunset … the road approaches to  Magnolia point is awesome… my pics tells it  boldly…

• Koel View Point ,  Netarhat lake , Naspati bagan  is best  to be seen on July. 

• Netarhat school is really famous , the road towards netarhat school will attracts you a lot.

• Upper Ghaghri Falls & Lower Ghaghri Falls  is so so… but

  The Lodh Falls is amazing around 45 to 50 kms from Netarhat on the way to Betla …. the Roads towards  Lodh is  amazing too… if you love to drive on the jungle  road…and have the time in your hand  ,should visit…


How To Reach :


Netarhat by Train :

Ranchi is the nearest station from Netarhat and regular trains are available from major railway stations to ranchi. From Ranchi regular busses are available for Netarhat. One can also rent a car or jeep to reach Netarhat.

Train Schedule from Howrah to Ranchi :

12019 Ranchi Satabdi Express Howrah Dep. Time 06:05 AM
18627 Ranchi Intercity Express Howrah Dep. Time 02:25 PM
22891 HWH Ranchi Superfast Howrah Dep. Time 03:10 PM
18615 Kriya Yoga Express Howrah Dep. Time 10:10 PM

By Road :

The distance between Ranchi and Netarhat is 170 Kms. One can avail bus services from Ranchi and Daltonganj to Netarhat. You can also drive from Ranchi along the NH23 to Lohardaga and then cross Ghagra  , Banari  and finally reach to Netarhat.

Location :

Netarhat is a hill town in Latehar district(earlier Known as Palamu district) in the Jharkhand state, India. It is located around 170 kms west of Ranchi (State capital of Jharkhand) and  almost 200 kms from Daltonganj.

Best Time to Visit  :

Netarhat can be visited all round the  year and basically a good  weekend spot  from ranchi , the summer is reasonable  , offers a  preferably cool and pleasant weather in respect  to other parts of  Jharkhand . Sunrise and sunset can also be enjoyed the most during this time. Winter is very Chilly used to be the most  lovable season for the tourist.

Normally Pick season is October to March.

Where to stay :

Jharkhand tourism guest house ( Prabhat Bihar ) is a very good option to stay at Netarhat. The guest house are well equipped and furnished. One can experience a wonderful view of the unexplored natural surroundings and views of the sunrise and sunset from here . On my Last visit during July 2018 , have seen a new Deluxe multi storey building at Prabhat Bihar Campus but not opened that time. I hope it will be open soon and the cost of the room will be more than the previous one  (INR 1456 / night ) .

Last December 2017 ,  I have seen the Tent at Prabhat Bihar Campus inside approx cost was INR 2700 / Night / Tent  with room heater and it was good indeed . Those Tent used to be pitched from December to March.



Apart from this  Netarhat Duckbungalow (Indian toilets ) ,  Forest Rest House ( cooking is done by the caretaker ) is a very good option . A new accommodation opened on July 2018 onwards , that is the best of the Netarhat named ARUNODAY ATITHI  GRIAHA( ARUONODAY GUEST HOUSE ). Now about the private players are Prakash Lodge , Sunrise Lodge , Ravisashi Lodge  and the last is Bhagabati Lodge , two more are there also what I have seen on my last visit  JULY 2018. Now on 2019  have seen three other new HOTEL developed nearby lake and it’s good also, one more was on under construction just by the lake. 



Always better to stay at  Arunoday Guest House  , is the best in all aspect and Luxurious also , if it suits you go for that . Reasonable is Prabhat Bihar in all respect than other two govt accommodations .  Duck Bungalow &  Forest Rest House are very good both on it’s  location and ambiance wise BUT have some drawback mentioned above  if you are okay with , then it can be yours,

The best accommodation at Netarhat right now is Arunoday Guest House  &  Forest Rest House  so far ,..

If want to isolates you at Netarhat along with the Three rooms and a huge Dinning hall , Fire Place at Dinning & Room … want to relish the English Era of Magnolia Time along with indian toilet  ..Then go ahead for Duck Bungalow ,set your own KINGDOM at DUCK BUNGALOW…my picture supports that also , I think so.


One thing you should know that all the accommodations Duck bungalow , Prabhat Bihar , Arunoday Guest House , Forest Rest House  & Bhagabati Lodge , Sunrise Lodge , Prakash Lodge are closed to each other except Rabi Sashi . Prabhat Bihar & Arunoday Guest House are just side by side , First Arunoday Guest House then  Prabhat Bihar has shown on the picture uploaded above.

View From the Top of Arunoday basically from the Terrace  is just Mind blowing . The Picture is not there on my site ….. I think something you must see it by your eyes only, not from lenses of anyone else even yours means the lens of your camera. Trust on the god gifted one the lens of your eyes & the sensor inside your head & the last is the mind that cherishes and got refreshed, so as you ….. must be there at least Once.

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